Creative Writing


Imagine that you are a pharmacist..

in the early 1700s and you’re opening up your own pharmacy. What would it look like? What kinds of products would you carry in addition to all the medicines? Get creative with this.


Imagine that you are a pharmacist..

in the 1800s and try to explain to a customer than the Indian Vegetable Pills she has bought from a druggist are not an effective treatment for her cough. Explain what is in the cure-all (a remedy claiming to heal all ills) that is harmful to her and what other remedies you might suggest.


1) By now you’ve heard about the widespread problem of people not taking their drugs as they should (aka non-adherence). More and more pharmacists are now developing new tools and techniques to encourage people to follow the directions on their prescription bottles about when and how often to take their medications and when to get refills. Can you come up with three creative ways to encourage people to take to their medications as directed? For example: Identify your patient’s favorite beverage — it might be easier for your patient to stick with taking his medication three times a day if he gets to wash down it down with Strawberry Kiwi juice.


2) We read about pharmacist Janice Lee's work through Doctors without Borders. Can you list the top three countries you would choose if you worked with her?
Why would you like to work in these countries?


3) The Vaccine Patch is an innovative solution for people who fear of hypodermic needles. What pharmaceutical invention can you come up with? For example: maybe you have an idea to help people to remember to take their medications or a new way to make sure that people pick up their refills. Offer your solution and explain how it works.



Imagine that you are a community pharmacist participating in the DOTS program.

How would you convince a young girl or to come to your pharmacy three times a week to take her/his medication? Write this up as a dialogue or scene in a play.


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